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Italy is broadly known for its icons which you can encounter in your daily life. The passion and the “amore” for our country make us trying to export not just products but the story behind them.

mediterranean diet

The Beautiful Country, with its gastronomy and the mediterranean diet, has always stood out all over the world for its uniqueness. With the variety of culinary traditions which are now heritage of all humanity.




Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra-virgin olive oil is has been refined through a tradition passed down through almost four generations.
Our product is solely produced by mechanical processes and extracted from superior quality Italian olives.
Replace butter with healthy extra-virgin olive oil, a good source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. The regular use of extra-virgin olive oil will help to reduce cholesterol in your blood.

Dairy products

Our cows and sheep graze freely on the green hills in the Southern regions of Italy.
Deep forests and tiny villages, far away from the industrialized and polluted areas, surround our grazing lands where our animals are fed with uncontaminated hay and grass.
We deliver a selected variety of Caciocavallo, Pecorino and Ricotta.
Our products are part of the Mediterranean diet as being a low-fat dairy products. They are high in protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and calcium.


The selection of our salami is obtained from the meats of the black swine. Hardy breed with a strong skeleton, these animals are bred in the wild around the rural region of Calabria.
Acorns and chestnuts make their diet.
The passion and tradition of the local family-run businesses ensure the proper and correct processing of the meat of these swine for the production of its finest salami.

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